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Midland Radio Corporation

For over 60 years Midland Radio has been on the forefront of two-way and weather radio technology.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, the Heart of America, Midland has led the way in CB, FRS, and GMRS radio technology since its founding.

As the first CB radio manufacturer in the United States, Midland Radio continues to bring innovative, reliable, clear, and powerful communication to outdoor adventurers like off-roaders and overlanders. Not only does Midland inspire connection through communication, its product lines promote safety and efficiency across the board.

Midland’s MicroMobile® Two-Way GMRS Radios bring up to 12 times the power than that of traditional CB radios. This technology has changed the way off-roaders communicate on the trails and has led to the company’s strong reputation within the sport. These adventurers can now enjoy increased range and voice clarity, no matter where their trip takes them.

The Midland Radio brand encompasses quality, value, reliability, and innovation.

Midland Radio Corporation
5900 Parretta Dr
Kansas City, MO 64120
Phone# (816) 462-0427

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