Rugged Mountain Ranch - Burris Valley

Wheeling Destination Review by Jeff Perkins for Midwest Jeepthing.

Tell Us a Bit About Rugged Mountain Ranch as a Wheeling Destination

Where is it?
500 miles from St. Louis

Why go there?
EXTREME rock crawling in Eastern Oklahoma.

Must see trails?

Asylum, Upper Tackett Creek

What are your favorite trails at this park?
All of them

Level of difficulty?

Distance from St Louis?
500 miles

Trailer parking?

SxS or 4 wheeler present/allowed?

Would you go back?
YES! The only place that rivals The Hammers in hardcore/ extreme technical rock crawling

Cost to enter?
$25 a day

Good for large events?
Yes, but only for events where every vehicle is on tons and 40″ tires or above

Are there accommodations on site or close by?
RV sites, a lodge to stay at and a bunk house you can rent

Any Amenities?

Gas station close by?
No, you want to bring enough fuel with you for your trip.

Special preparations?
Make sure everything on your Jeep is in tip top shape before going.


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We’d like to thank Jeff Perkins for sharing his trip, information and photos. 🤘