Tanya Kwiatkowski


“I have been a member of MWJT since 2012 and this is my fourth year on the BOD. I enjoy the camaraderie and the lasting friendships I have made over the years. I never realized owning a Jeep could offer so much fun for my entire family!”


Tim Watring

Vice President

“I have been a member of Midwest Jeepthing since 2017. I drive a 2014 black JKUR. Since joining, I have learned how to push the capabilities of my jeep and how to modify my Jeep to conquer even tougher trails. The wealth of knowledge MWJT has provided has been invaluable along with building life long friendships along the way.”


Patrick Kirkes

Patrick Kirkes


“My name is Patrick, but you can just call me Trick.  While I may be a black sheep, I don’t own a black Jeep.  That, and I should pick cheaper hobbies.”


Patty Fitzgerald

Patty Fitzgerald


I’ve been a member of MWJT since 2018 and drive a 2017 Black JKUR. Since joining this club, I have met amazing people who have help me grow quickly with wheeling. My favorite events are Chicks in the Sticks and, of course- Jeepstock! If you see me at SMORR, Moonlight or at one of the monthly club meetings, please say hi! Looking forward to more adventures with the club and to new friendships.

TJ Michael Schilling

TJ Michael Schilling

Event Director

“My Name is TJ, not because of the jeep and I drive a rare black Jeep JK that wishes it was yellow.”


Richard Wright

Vendor Relations Director

“I drive a 1980 CJ7 and have been a member since 2008. I have met some great people in MWJT. These friendships have allowed me the opportunity take my Jeep places I would have never dreamed to go.”


Jimmy Martfart

Trail Director

I drive a black Jeep

Dave Cooley

Jeepstock Chairman

I wish I had a black Jeep!

Jeepstock rocks!

Jane Schuth

Public Relations Director

Public and relations. My two favorite things.

Brad Hill

Brad Hill

Web Master

“I have been a member of MWJT since 2015 and have served on the board in various capacities. I have met some awesome people in the club, it’s why I enjoy it so much. My 2012 Orange JKUR has been a gradual build since buying it new. I document its progress and adventures on toxiccrush.com.”