About Midwest Jeepthing

A little about who we are and what we do.

Who We Are

Midwest Jeepthing is the largest Jeep only club in the Midwest. Our goal as a non-profit organization is to educate, communicate and enjoy the sport of safe and Tread Lightly Four Wheeling. Club membership is open to any family or individual that owns a Jeep brand vehicle. Whether your Jeep is a street Jeep, show Jeep or monster off-road Jeep, this club is for you! Paid members receive several benefits.  We have negotiated discounts with several local and national vendors, discounts only available with proof of membership.

We frequently organize member-only events, trail runs, and raffles.  Each paid membership provides a voting privilege to help guide the club.  Paid members also have access to a few private forums here on the web site.  And you will be supporting our club, our quest for public and private land use, our devotion to safe responsible wheeling, and this very active and informative web site!

What We Do

Take Our Jeeps Off-Road94%
Wrench on Our Jeeps68%
Talk About Jeeps98%
Teach young Padawans the ways of Jeeping72%
Support Our Jeep Community and Beyond81%

Help Keep the Trails Open

Do you enjoy the public land available for 4wd access in places like Moab, Sand Hollow, Colorado, California, and the South Eastern states? Or, have you never been there and would like to experience it? Do you want to help ensure it remains accessible in the future for you and your kids? For less money than you are likely to spend visiting any private offroad park, you can help the organizations that are fighting every day to keep special interests from closing down access to public land. There is strength in numbers and you can help them by joining and adding your voice to their efforts.

Here are a few of the groups you can join that are actually working for you to fight to maintain OHV access.



Voted and appointed members that drive day-to-day club decisions.


See the rules and guidelines that govern our club.

Paid Membership Benefits

There are lots of reasons to join our club. See a few of the perks of being a paid club member.


Local and national sponsors support our club by offering either financial support for a specific event or through the provision of discounts on products or services to our members. Check out the many sponsors who support the club.

Trails & Parks

We are fortunate to be surrounded by several local offroad parks. See the several parks where MWJT visits to enjoy the hobby of wheeling. Remember, you should never wheel alone!

Group Guidelines

The sport of wheeling is best enjoyed in the company of others. Our members share a common mantra of being family friendly and respecting the lands we enjoy when we offroad. Check out the guidelines we follow whether it is for a Pop-Up Run or a planned event.

Trail Basics

MWJT has been around for 20+ years, and over those years, we have learned the best ways to keep people safe all while having a great day on the trails. Before attending an event with us, please review the basics you need to know before hitting the trails.

The Art of Spotting

Conquering an obstacle is one of the many reasons we enjoy the sport of offroading. Often times, to do this, we rely on spotters to help us see things we can’t see while behind the wheel. There is an art of spotting, whether it is you behind the wheel needing a spot or the person doing the spotting.

Recommended Equipment

Your first offroad experience can be quite daunting, so we offer a few basics as you plan your first adventure with us.