Twice a year we offer a Jeeping 101 class which includes 2 hours of classroom style teaching about fundamentals of off-roading techniques, tread-lightly concepts, vehicle technical basics, and potential vehicle modifications. After the classroom teaching, we met at Pruitt Mountain Adventures for some time behind the wheel trying out the concepts we just talked about.

We had about 36 participant Jeeps plus 11 guide Jeeps for a total of about 86 people hitting the trail Saturday afternoon.

Before we left the meeting place, we all aired down our tires and disconnected sway bar links for maximum articulation and traction.

Jeeps ranging from a few days old, all the way to completely custom were part of this Jeeping 101 and everyone had a great time!

Check out some of the great videos and pictures that were posted on Facebook!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Fall Jeeping 101 if you’re interested in pushing your Jeep to it’s potential!