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1/1/2014 - NYD at Sayersbrook
Event Type Trail Ride
Coordinator Randy Stroede
Start Date 1/1/2014  0900
End Date 1/1/2014  1700
Description Wheeling day at Sayersbrook Bison Ranch. $25/Jeep and $5 for additional passengers. Bring your own lunch. Be ready at 9am (aired down, disconnected, etc) to hit the trails. But, don't get there before say 7:30am please.

Link below to the forum discussion with more info, or if you have questions.

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Official MWJT Event No
Signup Required Yes
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Signed Up Members
jeepr - Randy Stroede
12/20/2013 5:00:08 PM
loadbreak - John Friel
12/20/2013 5:44:30 PM
Both me and Jeana
48willys - Brad Bilbrey
12/20/2013 5:53:13 PM
AtLeast I Will Be There. May Have A Couple passengers.
sloan - chris sloan
12/20/2013 11:28:44 PM
im in may have a couple of passengers
Stan&Stacy - Stan Miller
12/21/2013 6:23:01 AM
we have a stock 2dr jk with street tires for now, will this be an issue we dont want to hold up the group in anyway.we will be adding tires,bumpers and a locker after the holiday (also can we get directions to the ranch please)
Richy - Jim Cunningham
12/21/2013 7:51:14 AM
Granny & I are planning to make it.
TA - Terry Armbruster
12/21/2013 10:18:43 PM
Me the wife and the 2 kids Stan you can follow us down
Chewy - Matt Schumacher
12/24/2013 8:09:46 AM
I am pretty sure I'll be there, with a couple tag alongs. :) moderate group sounds good to me. For those needing directions: http://www.sayersbrook.com/ranchMap.htm
Woodencardboard - Tim Wall
12/24/2013 7:59:36 PM
My names Tim and Me and my buddy will be joining you guys.
Darren Hyde - Darren Hyde
12/24/2013 10:25:33 PM
I'm in. Not sure of passenger count yet.
DanRiley - Dan Riley
12/26/2013 8:00:05 AM
Me and my wife are Going to the ride! We are part of the Semo Jeeps group on Facebook that are going!!
hillbillyxj - Andrew Walz
12/27/2013 5:31:58 PM
Me and two passengers
jared217 - Jared Evans
12/27/2013 11:58:00 PM
At least be bringing 1 person with me.
BDenning - Bryan Denning
12/28/2013 9:32:01 PM
GrapeApe - Sean Johns
12/28/2013 9:34:48 PM
Me and my son
whitedemon - Jason Sander
12/29/2013 10:33:05 AM
Me son and friend
tae73 - Ted Ellsworth
12/30/2013 9:52:50 AM
Will be there, anyone one coming out of Jeff City/Columbia?
JN JEEP 2 - Joe Niederhofer
12/30/2013 3:04:58 PM
As of now, I might be there, but not looking good. 1
trailmoose - Gary Davenport
12/30/2013 3:28:03 PM
Myself and Gary are planning on meeting ya at QT
Rjsjr_83@yahoo.com - Richard Selz Jr.
12/30/2013 8:12:01 PM
Me + 1 rider
Burbanam - Anita Burbank
12/31/2013 2:29:17 PM
1 Jeep, 3 passengers (Steve, Anita & Autumn)
thetoejam - Michael Schlarb
12/31/2013 5:35:08 PM
Lisa and I plan on being there.
Bob60070 - Bob Borders
12/31/2013 8:02:53 PM
Nancy and I will be there. Nancy will be the one riding shotgun screaming in terror
Fenton04 - Craig Fenton
12/31/2013 10:36:18 PM
Me and the girlfriend will be there. Goscar will be there too. I don't see him signed up.
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