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This website is home to the largest club of Jeep owners in the midwest. Feel free to browse the site and maybe even become a "FREE" online member so you can add your rig to our Member Rides section.

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Forum Guidelines & FAQs

Forum Guidelines
We hope you enjoy our site and find our forums useful. We ask that you follow our forum guidelines to keep the forums enjoyable for all members.

1. This is a family-oriented site. The use of profanity or other explicit content is PROHIBITED. A post containing such material will be edited by a moderator and you will be notified. If this becomes a repetitive problem, that member will be banned from the site.

2. When posting items for sale, include a brief description of the item for sale in the subject line. Please do not simply put "Items For Sale". Also, include the price, location of item, contact information and other relevant information. Not only will this help prospective buyers but it will help you sell your item faster.

3. When posting multiple items for sale, create one post for all items pertaining to a certain model. Please do not create 10 posts for 10 different TJ items, for example. This clutters up the forums and makes it difficult for users to find what they're looking for.

4. If you disagree with a person's price on an item, then don't buy it. There is no need to post negative remarks on a seller's thread.

5. Personal attacks will not be tolerated for any reason. If you have a problem with another member, contact that person privately and work out the situation in a mature manner. Contact the BOD if you need help in resolving a matter (MWJT is not responsible for any issues involving your business transactions).

6. Use common sense when posting a thread, post it in the appropriate section. Moderators have the right to move threads into the correct section, as they see fit.

Q: How do I post images in the body of my post?
A: If you are a club member, you can upload images under "My MWJT". Non-club members can use a third-party image hosting site to host their pics. Once hosted, simply copy and paste the URL of the image into the body of your post (do not use URL or IMG tags). When viewed, the image will be displayed in the post.

Please note that only .jpg or .gif files can be displayed (and capitalization DOES matter on the file extensions). Also, you can't link to photos posted on Webshots.

Q: How do I edit my signature?
A: Go to "My MWJT" and "Update Profile". Edit your "Forum Signature". To include an image in your signature, follow the above directions and place the URL into the "Forum Signature" form.

Q: How to I automatically include my signature in every post?
A: When you post, there is a "Remember Details" checkbox. Check the box and from then on the setting of your signature preference will be saved as selected.

Q: How do I post smilies?
A: The follow smilies are available:
= [:)]
= [;)]
= [:P]
= [:(]

Q: How do I use bold or italics
A: To make bold text:
[b]Your text goes here.[/b]

To use italics:
[i]Your text goes here.[/i]

Q: How do I use a block quote?

Quote Here
A:To use a quote:
[quote]Quote goes here.[/quote]


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